Kiwi Farm Rides

Bushrider offroad adventures are situated in the historic village of Puhoi, 45 minutes north of Auckland city in the Rodney District.   We offer an exciting one and a half hour trip through rugged and picturesque hill country. Our vehicle is an amphibious eight wheeled Argo. We will thrill you up to a height of 500ft , with great views,and mudslide you back to river level.

Bohemian settlers first landed in this area in 1863. They carved an existence from the densely forested and inhospitable terrain, logging timber for shingles and other industry. Eventually clearing the land by hand, with the help of their bullock teams, to create farmland.

The descendants of these hardy pioneers are still farming here to this day. Take a look from their eyes, ride the trails they made. Your guide on this exciting and historical journey will be a fifth generation Bohemian settler.

Bushrider limited was established in 2005 and is compliant with New Zealand's Safety and health standards.Our aim is to give you a great and memorable experience. Thrills and excitement combined with relaxation, mother nature and loads of fun! Our 1.5 hour trips are excellent for family activities, birthday parties, visitors and thrillseekers.

We take 4 people per trip and family passes are available.

If you're ready for something exciting and different, that will leave you rejuvenated and smiling, give us a call on 0274 43 54 50 or email